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a common natural deficiency

VIMITAL Magnesium is a magnesium supplements for horses, without any additives. Formulated with Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide and Sodium for maximum uptake, gentle on the gut and best palatability.  Magnesium is one of the body's most important minerals, an activator of many enzymes and is essential eg for nerve and muscle function and cardiovascular health. Magnesium is not stored in the body and therefore must be included in the daily ration.

Magnesium is one of the minerals many horses are suffering from. Most common deficiency symptoms in horses are nervousness and bad temper. In magnesium deficiency, the body can not handle the substances released during stress or fear.

The reason for the increasing lack of magnesium is in addition to depleted soils, the wrong balance in the lining between Calcium and Magnesium. Too high Calcium intake blocks the absorption of magnesium. The ratio of calcium and magnesium should be 5:2.

Magnesium deficiency can eventually cause a wide range of disease states.


Symptoms of magnesium deficiency are nervous overreaction where the horse can not handle the natural reaction to danger and therefore becomes difficult to manage. Can also turn on normally calm horses in situations like competitions and where they becomes tense. When the Magnesium level is too low the body can not deal with the stress-related substances released in special situations.

Magnesium deficiency affects muscle coordination and you can sometimes see symptoms if you pull gently with your fingers over the side of the horse and the muscles "tremble".

One should be extra observant of the need to provide magnesium in disease states and pain or when the horse sweats a lot such as during exercise. Diarrhea or sour stools create the need for additional supplements.


10 ml / day (about 10 g) to large horse (550 kg) in feed. Enough for 100 days / kg supplements.

Others in proportion to body weight or under veterinary prescription.

Product facts:
Product facts: Per 1000 g Magnesium 330 g Phosphorus 27 g Sodium 45 g Calcium 1.7% Natural magnesium can only be observed in phosphate or oxide compounds. Per 10ml (10g) Magnesium 3.3 g Phosphorus 0.27 g Sodium 0.45 g Calcium 1.7%

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Vimital Magnijs 750 gr

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