• Glucosamine 0.5kg

With easily absorbable glucosamine Sulfate

 A natural product made of seafood, with extra absorbency. Glucosamine is a natural part of the body and is involved in the formation of cartilage. The addition of manganese promotes the building (new formation) of cartilage. Vimital Glucosamine is easily absorbed in the digestive / intestinal tract when present as glucosamine sulphate. The sulphate adds sulphur, which is also needed in the cartilage structure. Other types of glucosamine are more insoluble and therefore have less absorption. 

Glucosamine is an endogenous substance found in, for example, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Strengthens a horse’s joints in training and prevents stiffness. With age the body’s ability to produce glucosamine decreases, which may be one of the reasons that older horses suffer from stiff joints.


Glucosamine is probably the most proven joint supplement and many horse owners have experienced significant improvement on older horses. Today we know that Glucosamine is only one of several necessary building blocks and we recommend that consideration be given to instead use VIMITAL Form, which is a more complete supplement and VIMITAL Hyaluronic 100, which improves the synovial fluid lubricating function to prevent wear and tear on the joints.

VIMITAL Glucosamine may be slightly cheaper than the combination VIMITAL Form and VIMITAL Hyaluronic 100 which however, in our experience gives better longterm results.


30 ml / day (20g) to the big horse (550 kg) of feed distributed on at least two doses. Last 50 days per kg of product. Others in proportion to body weight or as veterinary prescription.

Product facts:
Product facts: Glucosamine sulfate-KCL 9gr, Manganese (kelaterad) 20mg, Glucose

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Glucosamine 0.5kg

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