High-quality products for your pets

SIA "Le-Grand" offers high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for horses and dogs from the Swedish company AB Trikem. As well as vitamins, muesli and a variety of herbal mixtures from the German company Epona Horsefeed. Products are manufactured from natural ingredients and are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.

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Trikem AB has since 1955 developed, produced and marketed animal care products and food supplements based on Swedish conditions and in close cooperation with the Swedish market. Production takes place in approved premises in KlÄgerup outside Malmö. Sales through resellers, sales organization, and stores across the country.
Trikem develops products of high quality and with selected raw materials that meet the needs, requirements and regulations within the Swedish animal husbandry. All products are registered and approved by the respective authorities, such as Agriculture, Chemical, and riding and trotting federations.

Our goal is always to produce products in harmony with nature.

 more about the company Trikem Sport AB can find here.



German company Epona Horsefeed manufactures and sells products from natural raw materials, more than 15th. Epona horse feed does not contain genetically modified ingredients, the products are provided the highest quality blends.
The products are manufactured according to the latest scientific discoveries.

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